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Focusing on the quality of food and dried fruit exports, the SunLiv Trading Group has sought to enhance the value of exported food. This group combined its competent, capable, and experienced business team with a young and lively executive team so that the needs of its customers would not be unmet. At present, we focus on the export of raisins and plan to add other products such as dates, saffron, tea, barberry and dried figs to SunLiv’s export basket.


We claim that the best grape vineyards located in Iran, and SunLiv is proud to produce high-quality raisins cultivated from these yard.

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Raisin production by SunLiv is done in the most advanced and up to date factory, which is equipped with Europe-made laser and X-ray machines. Our product line is equipped with the latest model of color sorting machine, which enables us to provide the requested raisin color according to the customer’s taste.

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SunLiv is an international group working on delivering quality Raisin. We are the best in the region.


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SunLiv Trading Group

No 25, Sahafzade

Motahari, Tehran



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